Our work

Our activities and initiatives dedicated to the welfare of Indian cows and the environment​​​​​​​

We are Save Cows India Charitable Trust, a non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of Indian cows and the environment.
  - Research and Development: We collect and share information about Indian cow breeds, government policies, NGOs, gaushalas, and other resources related to cow protection.

  - Training and Development: We encourage organic farming using cow dung and urine as fertilizers. We also recruit volunteers who can contribute their skills and time to our cause.

  - Digital Marketing: We spread awareness about the importance and benefits of Indian cows through social media platforms, articles, and reports.

  - Gaushala Tours: We arrange visits to nearby gaushalas for city dwellers who want to experience the beauty and peace of cow care.

  - Eco-friendly Products: We promote the use of products made from cow by-products, such as phenyl, soap, cow dung cakes, etc. These products are natural, healthy, and support local gaushalas.
- We also raise funds and donate to deserving and needy gaushalas across India.

Join us in our mission to save cows and save the planet!

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